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The three universities of Strasbourg merged into a unique institution on January 1st, 2009 !
This website, which was initially designed to serve the purpose of the merger,
is still available to the internaut, as a reminder and for the record.
To access the website of the new university, please connect to : www.unistra.fr.


amphiilb1_bis On January 1st, 2009, the 3 universities of Strasbourg (Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch and Robert Schuman) will be joining forces to become a single University.
Located at the heart of Europe, the new Strasbourg University inherits a solid tradition born of 16th-century Humanist movement. Based on a new-found synergy, it will offer inter-disciplinary degree courses and research activities boasting a diversity and wealth which is unique in France. Strongly rooted in a European tradition and international by vocation, the University will attract students, lecturers and researchers from all horizons and cultures, eager to share the experience of an open-minded, pluralist University combining excellence and performance. Through its human, intellectual and scientific etudiants_campus_021bispotential, the University will successfully face today's challenges and, through its potential for innovation, become one of the major centres of university life in Europe.
This site invites you to explore the vast pilot worksite, a unique laboratory aiming at modernising the University within the context of the profound reforms encompassing higher education in Europe.
26/10Dernière actualité
Réunion des CEVU
Dans le cadre de la préparation d'un projet d'établissement unique des trois universités de Strasbourg, la première réunion commune des trois CEVU a été organisée le 15 octobre.[...]

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