The project to set up a single Strasbourg University is upheld by the three main partner universities and stakeholders - Louis Pasteur, a scientific university, Marc Bloch, focused on humanities and the social sciences, and Robert Schuman, specialised in law.
IUFM (teacher-training institute) is also a major stakeholder in the project, pending its future integration into Strasbourg University.
Over the past few years, a number of joint structures have been set up at the intersection of the 3 universities. Their development has contributed to forming an inter-university sphere which is a true laboratory for learning cooperation and how to live side by side. Today, these inter-university structures underpin the dynamics of the project and as such, are also genuine stakeholders.
And then, beyond the institutions and support structures, the core stakeholders of the project are, of course, the lecturers, researchers, students and administrative staff of the 3 universities and IUFM.


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