Qualities and Assets


Strasbourg University offers several assets

The values of Strasbourg University

Strasbourg University aims for the highest quality in research with a cross-disciplinary outlook, shared by specialists inspired by a spirit of tolerance and open-mindedness. The very best practices stemming from research will be transmitted throughout the learning process, thereby providing all students with the critical analysis, intellectual openness and competence required for a smooth integration into a constantly changing professional world. The University shall raise the challenge of providing excellence at all levels built up on its broad student base.

In the context of its vocation as a public service, Strasbourg University shall accept its role as an autonomous unit with full responsibility and develop a quality culture based on internal self-assessment and external, international expertise. It shall set itself long-term objectives and assess its own performance in terms of its functioning and impact as a whole.

Finally, Strasbourg University's global outlook will be a dominant feature. Opening up to the international scene will have an impact on policy and the courses offered and underscore the international dimension of research, but it will also enhance the European specificity of the University. Partnerships with local municipalities and the socio-economic environment will also be encouraged.

The educational offer and student life

Strasbourg University will be inter-disciplinary and cover virtually the whole spectrum of knowledge. To implement its educational strategy, Strasbourg University will make sure:


The doctoral college will bring together all the University's doctoral schools to build up a coordinated doctoral policy and offer shared services and facilities benefiting young researchers.

Student life is a fundamental feature attracting students to Strasbourg University and must break new ground so as to offer a wide diversity of top-quality support services. The Culture Centre built on the main campus will be a living space and medium for cultural expression and the symbol of the unification of the 3 universities.

The University will clarify its educational offer with a clear description of all the courses, available for consultation on the portal of university education in Alsace. It will also set up a careers platform to help school-leavers and students make the right choices.


To implement the establishment's scientific policy, Strasbourg University will gather all the tools and resources necessary to provide solid, constant support for research activities so that they may develop their potential to the full, innovative projects, and emerging teams and young researchers who carry the future of the University before them.

Strasbourg University wishes to enhance its research programmes and move closer to the socio-economic world. Beyond the contribution this represents for the learning process and career opportunities for students, the aim is also to increase the University's own resources.

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