Florence Benoit-Rohmer, Alain Beretz and Bernard Michon, deans and vice-chancellors of URS, ULP and UMB

Today, when we come across students wandering around campus looking for the right registrations office, we ask "Which university in Strasbourg do you want to register with?". Their reply is a look of bewilderment! Tomorrow, we will be able to assure them that it's well and truly Strasbourg University they are looking for. Building such a complex unit is an ambitious project - it must be coherent despite its great diversity and remain resolutely open to its partners and the outside world. As with all projects of its kind, it gives rise to uncertainties and fears, but also a strong determination to see it accomplished. When they debated the project in February 2007 and considered what was at stake, the boards of the 3 universities expressed their doubts and concerns. And yet in spite of this, they have taken the project on board and given it their full support and confidence. Encouraged by this strong backing, the members of the community have buckled down to work in order to give the project a framework and a solid basis.

Little by little, the main guidelines of the project have emerged and each of the major stepping stones in its development is submitted to the boards of our universities (process validation in Autumn 2007, vote on the joint establishment project in February 2008, adoption of the 4-year plan at the end of 2008, etc.). Considering the unprecedented scope of the project, the massive support of the university community is essential. Indeed, it involves every student, to whom the perspective of following a rich and varied curriculum is offered, each lecturer and researcher, who will find here a propitious environment for the development and promotion of their research, and each member of staff, who will find an opportunity to put their skills and talents into practice in all fields of activity on a broader scale or through taking up new positions.

The objectives targeted by the project and its underlying values are presented over the following pages. In this great enterprise, we believe that it is essential for everyone to be fully informed and have the opportunity to speak out in the debate. The debate is open to all, because it is by grasping all the questions and situations that we shall make sure the project has a solid base upon which the expanding perspectives of Strasbourg University will be built. This is the vocation of the site "Tomorrow, Strasbourg University". We truly hope it will stand as a truly informative tool and encourage you to take an active part in the project.

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