Plan of action

The plan was set up from March to June 2007 and became fully operational on September 2007:

      A body that suggested the propositions, made up of 9 interuniversity thematic groups (25 member per group average), further divided into thematic groups of each university (3 internal groups per university), and a project team composed of 2 representatives per university. The representatives were appointed by the chancellors and were charged of giving a synthesis and run a consistency check on the propositions the teams suggested.

      A management system: the three chancellors ensure political management. They are supported by a management commission and an external expert (J. Soulas). A coordinator runs operations with the support of a specific team and a management commission. It also ensures coordination for the latter.

      A plan for spreading information, with twenty mailing lists addressed at specific publics and an intranet site allowing university staff and students to access team reports, general information and project documentation.

      A communication plan, run by the project operational coordinators, who are supported by the management commission and the project team. It is based on a network made up by the different communication departments of the universities.

      A plan to ensure project quality.

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